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Praise for Family Shift

Today’s families need hope and direction now more than ever. That’s why I am excited about “Family Shift”. My friends Rodney & Michelle Gage have put together a simple, 5 step framework that will help you define or redefine your vision for your marriage and family relationships. I am excited to join the movement of helping families stop drifting and start living with greater intention.

TobyMac, Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist



For over three decades, I have coached young people on how to win on and off the field. As a coach, if there is one thing a team must have in order to win a ball game it is having a successful game plan. However, even a successful game plan still requires making adjustments. In Family Shift, Rodney and Michelle Gage not only provide a solid game plan but also helps you know how to make the necessary adjustments along the way in your most important relationships. This book can be a game-changer for your marriage and family.

Coach Lou Holtz, Legendary Football Coach



If there was ever a time for families to make a shift to reclaim the eroding spiritual and moral values of our culture it is now. Rodney and Michelle Gage have provided a simple yet powerful framework on how to make the necessary shifts to keep their family from drifting further away from God and each other. I highly recommend this book!

Josh McDowell, Best Selling Author and Speaker




Having won 5 World Series in my career, it requires special chemistry and teamwork to have a championship team. The same is true when it comes to the family. As a husband and father of four kids of our own, it requires having special chemistry and teamwork to overcome the curveballs and change up’s our culture is constantly pitching at us. This book, provided families with a proven plan to help couples and parents achieve a winning family.

Andy Pettitte, 5-Time World Series Champion and 3-Time All-Star



If a marriage or family is going to avoid being negatively influenced in today’s culture they have to have a plan to follow. Family Shift provides a proven plan and framework that will keep your marriage and family relationships focused on what matters most. If you want to avoid drifting apart, this book is a must-read.

David and Jason Benham, Best-selling authors, nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs & speakers



We may all want a loving family environment where each person—parent and child—experiences life in all the fullness that Jesus talked about, but no family drifts into that reality. What Rodney and Michelle have done in their timely book FAMILY SHIFT is provide a clear and intentional path for parents to create a life-giving environment where children can flourish to their greatest potential. Through my work at Compassion, I’ve witnessed the impact of holistic strategies included in FAMILY SHIFT to transform children’s lives for the good… one family at a time… all over the world. In a world where so many forces are working against healthy family life, this book is a gift to any parent who wants the best for their children!

Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, President and CEO Compassion International



We are so excited about Family Shift. Even though we are just getting started in the marriage and parenting season of our lives, we need all the help we can get to keep building upon the foundation our parents have given to us. We love how Rodney and Michelle help you clearly define how to write your own mission and vision statements and identify your own core values as a couple and family. This book truly serves as a spiritual and moral compass to help you navigate successfully as a family in today's world.

John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson, Duck Dynasty Stars



It takes a lot of prayer, patience, wisdom and intentionality to keep from drifting toward the norms of our culture. This is why I am so excited about Family Shift. I have seen firsthand how Rodney and Michelle live out the principles of this book in their own marriage and family. They have given us a much-needed framework along with practical tools we can all apply to help safeguard our most important relationships.

Andi Andrew, Co-Pastor of Liberty Church, Speaker and author of She Is Free and Fake or Follower



Success can be defined by being loved and respected by those who know you the best. No one knows us better than those living under our own roof. In Family Shift, my friends Rodney & Michelle Gage identify 5 critical shifts to help families experience true success in their most important relationships. I highly recommend this book to couples and parents seeking to live with greater purpose and intention.

Shawn Lovejoy, Author, President & CEO of Courage To Lead



We know, first hand, how demanding careers can pull our focus away from the ones we love most. With so much of modern culture competing for our attention, it’s no wonder marriages and children drift apart. In their new book, “Family Shift,” Rodney and Michelle Gage layout a clear 5-step plan for keeping our priorities in line. They show us how being intentional about our relationships is the best way to stop “the drift” and cement those precious family bonds.

David and Nicole Crank, Senior Pastors, Faith Church, St. Louis, MO & West Palm Beach, FL



Having a successful marriage and raising morally strong kids doesn’t just happen in today’s world, you have to be intentional. Even more, you need a plan. Rodney and Michelle Gage have given families a step-by-step approach to achieving healthy homes and strong family relationships. Whether you’re thinking about marriage, already have kids or live in a blended family situation, Family Shift will give you the help and how to’s to live with greater intention as a family.

Dr. Jack Graham, Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas



I have known Rodney & Michelle Gage for years and have watched their children develop into amazing leaders. The principles and proven framework they offer in Family Shift is exactly what today’s families need to avoid being swept away from the cultural currents that are destroying so many families. Family Shift will give you the hope, direction and encouragement you need to reach your family’s full potential. I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to make the necessary shifts to start living with greater intention.

Layne Schranz, Associate Pastor of Church of the Highlands and Pikes Peak Hill Climb Racing Champion



Just as the keys to creating a great dish are using good ingredients and following a proven recipe, having a solid marriage and strong family is no different. Rodney and Michelle provide couples and parents a tried & tested recipe for success in Family Shift that is easy to follow and guaranteed to transform your house into a home the way God intended.

John Rivers, Chef & Owner, 4 Rivers Smokehouse



Having a successful marriage and family takes work, commitment, sacrifice and most of all a lot of love and forgiveness toward each other. In their book, Family Shift my friends Rodney and Michelle share 5 critical shifts that will help your family move from where you are to where you desire to be.

Dr. Dave Martin, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Success Coach



A strong family is not built on chance, but on making the right choices. That is why Family Shift is such a timely book. Our friends Rodney and Michelle outline five important shifts every couple can make to help redirect their lives and transform their most important relationships, bringing life to families.

Pastor Ed & Lisa Young, Fellowship Church, Grapevine, Texas, New York Times Best-Selling Authors



Living with intentionality is easier said than done. However, it's the only way families can not only survive but thrive in today's world. Family Shift provides the much-needed tools and how to’s to keep your family on track in the things that matter most in our lives. We highly recommend this book!

Pastors Bil and Jessica Cornelius, Church Unlimited, Corpus Christi, Texas

Praise for The Double Win

My friend Rodney Gage had me at “Work and at Home” in the subtitle of his latest book The Double Win. Relationally healthy people don’t live compartmentalized lives. We all live by patterns. You can’t be one way at home and another at work. There are names, even memes, for those who do! No doubt, living a congruous life is healthy, winning, and helpful to you and those around you. Go for The Double Win.

Sam Chand, Leadership Consultant and author of Change Has Changed (



The Double Win is a timely and thought-provoking book to help you avoid the almost inevitable collision between your “calling” to your career and your family. I lived it. Rodney Gage gives busy individuals and families the godly, practical wisdom, and logical steps to say no to the many good options so they can say yes to the best.

Dave Brat, Ph.D., Dean, School of Business, Liberty University



Rodney’s book is a proven roadmap to health in your work, your faith, and your family. Every chapter is simultaneously entertaining, inspiring, and incredibly practical for real-life issues. This message is so needed in our culture. I needed it! I’m thankful for The Double Win, and you’ll be thankful for this book too.

Dave Willis , Pastor, Podcaster, and Author




Finally a book that provides actual steps to help create balance and success in your personal and professional life. As a wife, mother, and executive leader, the demands are high, and the North Star can become cloudy. Not only can I apply these principles in my own life, but can help those around me to create a broader impact.

Emily Gray, SVP, Customer Success & SaaS Executive




Rodney Gage’s book challenges readers to focus on what truly matters and reevaluate what is necessary versus what is negotiable. The Double Win is an incredible resource that gives practical ways to incorporate work with God’s purpose for your life. An excellent read!

Penny Nance, CEO and President, Concerned Women for America




"I have watched up close as Rodney lived out the message of this book. He has the moral authority and the gifting to help you accomplish The Double Win!"

Shawn Lovejoy, Founder & CEO, CourageToLead

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